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Installation Available for Car Stereo, Alarms, IID, Bluetooth

Sargent's Stereo was founded on the principle that the installation is the most important aspect of having the equipment work properly, insuring satisfaction. Few are looking just for equipment. Most come for a super sounding stereo, a reliable security system, or a workable hands free solution to using the cell phone in the car. Need help with doing your own install or want to know which kit to use? Do you just need to set the clock on the your car stereo. This is all information we give freely when you stop by Sargent's. Where internet information falls short, experience fills in the blanks and sorts out the fiction from needed information.

Buying an amplifier from us means you understand the importance of grounding it first with a bullet proof ground and how to protect your car from burning to the ground. Need help syncing your new cell phone to your car radio, just stop in and let us help. If you can't figure out whether you should repair or replace your radio and need an honest opinion, you need to visit Sargent's Stereo.

Professional installation and advice creates greater satisfaction with the purchase you make and it makes us feel good too. So let us help.